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Author: Jon OConnell

Jon O’Connell

Owner Of Fish Keeping Academy

Hi, I’m Jon, the owner of Fish Keeping Academy. Although I have had many career opportunities throughout my life, my passion since the age of 6 has been fishkeeping which is when I had my first tank.

As a lifelong passion, I set up a small local business, aptly named ‘It’s Fishy,’ where I loaned and set up aquariums for small businesses such as offices and care homes. Overall, I set up over 100 aquariums in the 10 years of trading until a work colleague took the business on for me.

Now I have some time on my hands, I wanted to create a comprehensive guide for beginner and experienced fish keepers alike, which is Fish Keeping Academy.

I am the only writer at this time, but as the site grows, I hope to take on additional writers who can share their experience in this wonderful, rewarding hobby.

Don’t forget to check out my social profiles below, and if you have a question related to fishkeeping that you can’t send on our contact form, feel free to send me a message through one of the following numbers
UK:+44 7451 216366 or US: +12165531377