Do Female Betta Fish Make Bubble Nests

Although it is not impossible, it is very unusual for female betta fish to make bubble nests. Usually, the male betta will build a bubble nest to attract a female. She will inspect the quality of the nest that will protect her eggs before allowing the male to begin a courtship ritual.

Do female betta fish make bubbles nests

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Some common reasons why female bettas blow bubbles are:

1. Your betta fish may be male.

The easiest way to identify female betta fish is by their short fins, however, you may have mistakenly bought or been mis-sold a Plakat betta fish. Male Plakat bettas have short fins that can resemble many female species.

The Plakat is a specific type of betta fish usually bred for fighting. Their tails are purposely shortened through selective breeding, so they can move around quicker and be more agile in battle. Plakat bettas are not as common in pet stores as most hobbyists prefer long-finned varieties.

A male Plakat betta fish
Male Plakat Betta Fish Are Often Mistaken For Females Because Of Their Short Fins

If your female betta is definitely building a nest in her fish tank and not just blowing air bubbles, you can look for other signs to confirm that she is a female. Two common symptoms of a female in season are:

If you struggle to tell whether your betta fish is male or female, take it to your local fish store for advice.

2. Your betta fish may be blowing oxygen bubbles.

A commonly shared behavior is bubble-blowing whether your betta fish is male or female. Betta fish are labyrinth fish that can breathe oxygen directly from the surface and through their gills.

The labyrinth organ acts like a lung and helps betta fish live in poor water conditions until they can find a better environment, even if that means wriggling over land to find a cleaner pool of water.

As betta fish exhale the oxygen from their labyrinth organ, bubbles are formed, which will gather at the surface, resembling a bubble nest. If you have a female betta fish blowing oxygen bubbles on the surface, it is not a bubble nest.

do female betta fish blow bubbles
Male and female betta fish can blow bubbles using their labyrinth organ.

Betta fish bubble nests are made from more than just oxygen bubbles. When oxygen bubbles gather at the surface, they look similar to a bubble nest but soon dissipate. Male betta fish add fine particles and sticky saliva to give it structure.

3. Bubble nest building is an instinct usually seen in males but is also possible in female betta fish.

Although the male betta usually builds a bubble nest, some female bettas will occasionally build them. This is most likely due to an instinct for all betta fish, male and female, to want to create a safe space for their freshly fertilized eggs and newly hatched fry (baby fish).

It is also possible that a female betta may feel that building a bubble nest may attract a male, however, females rarely spend the same time and attention on nest building as male betta fish do.

4. Your female betta fish is happy in her environment.

It is common for male and female betta fish to blow excessive bubbles when they are happy and comfortable in their home.

A betta fish that is comfortable in its environment will be more relaxed and playful, including blowing lots of bubbles.

As you can see, there are several reasons why female betta fish blow bubbles, not all related to nest building. If you believe your female betta is making a bubble nest, it shouldn’t be a cause for concern.

If you are interested in learning about betta fish bubble nest building, I have written an article covering the subject in detail, which you can find here: Why Do Bettas Make Bubbles? The Betta Bubble Nest.

The rest of this article will answer common questions related to bubble nests and female mating behavior.

What Is A Betta Bubble Nest

A betta fish bubble nest is a collection of bubbles that a betta fish has created and clustered together. Bubble nests are generally built near the surface of the water and consist of saliva, sand, and other fine substances to hold the structure together.

Why Do Bettas Build Bubble Nests

Male bettas create bubble nests to impress potential female mates and to house newly laid eggs. When a male betta is ready to breed, he will build a bubble nest to entice a female betta to lay her eggs. The male betta will fertilize the eggs and carefully deposit them into the bubble nest, where they will incubate until they hatch. 

what is a betta bubble nest
A betta bubble nest is where newly fertilized eggs are placed for protection.

Bettas fish also build bubble nests as part of the courtship process. If a male betta is interested in mating with a particular female, he will make her an elaborate bubble nest to win her over. The more impressive the bubble nest, the greater the chance the female will be receptive to his advances.

How To Know If Female Betta Is Ready To Breed

If you want to know when a female betta is ready to breed, you must look for some key signs.

  • A female betta often develops vertical stripes on her side, known as breeding stripes.
  • Female bettas also become much more aggressive when in season, chasing and nipping at other fish.
  • A female betta will appear pregnant. Her abdomen will begin to swell as she matures and prepares to lay eggs.

If you notice any of these changes in your female betta, she is likely ready to breed, and if you have a male betta, now is the perfect time to introduce them.

How Long To Leave Female Betta With A Male

Assuming that you have a suitable breeding pair, you can leave the male and female betta together until the female has laid her eggs and they have been placed into the nest by the male betta. Mating can take anywhere between 15 minutes and several hours.

Once mating is over, the male betta can become aggressive toward the female if she approaches the nest. Female betta fish will sometimes eat her freshly laid eggs, and the male betta will be very protective of them until they have hatched.

Removing the female after mating is the safest option, however, don’t be too hasty, as females can release several rounds of eggs. You should wait until the male becomes agitated and starts flaring and chasing the female away before you remove her.

You can learn more about caring for baby betta fish here: Baby Betta Fish (Care and Feeding Guide).

Will Female Betta Lay Eggs Without A Male

Female betta fish will release their eggs even if no males are present to fertilize them. Eggs will develop at certain times of the year, which is when a female usually searches for a compatible mate.

If no males are present, the eggs will need to be released to make room for fresh eggs to grow in the next mating season. Female betta fish will often eat their eggs when released as they are very nutritious.


As you can see, bubble nests are an essential part of the betta fish breeding process and are mainly centered around males. The male will use the nest to attract a female mate, and the male will guard the eggs, tending to the nest day and night until the betta babies are born.

Female betta fish are just as capable of building a nest as males, but it isn’t very common. Your female betta is far more likely to blow bubbles out of happiness that will sit near the surface and resemble a nest.

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